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Asian Mail Order Brides: Where, How, And Why To Find A Wife From Asia

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The ladies from this region are fantastically popular. There’s a good reason for that — they are exotic, they are smart and well-educated, they usually become great mothers and wives, and they manage to combine modern, Western views with traditional values. They are just great.

If you’re looking for a mail order wife from one of the Asian countries, we at know how to help you. All the most common questions about these ladies are answered here, so continue reading and find out how to find, attract, and date an Asian lady!

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Because, you know, they work. Not all of them, not always, but these services are the only realistic and truly effective option for those who are looking for foreign ladies. You sign up, buy credits or premium membership, find a woman, meet her — it’s simple as that, and it really works. This is why millions (literally!) of Western men have been using such services for years.

And it’s all about the ladies, of course — they are much more feminine than the ladies from the United States, they are exotic, hot, and they are focused on building a family, not on building a career. They just make better wife material than their counterparts, that’s a fact.

Long-distance international relationship: pros/cons

This whole long-distance relationship has both pros and cons — some people believe that it’s a great thing, while the others are sure that it’s not worth it. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such relationships.

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  • You’ll have lots of things to talk about. Of course, you won’t see each other too often at the beginning of your relationship. That’s why you will appreciate your time and definitely have lots of stories to tell each other!
  • You’ll always think about your first date. This feeling is just great — you will always think, dream, and plan the first meeting with your woman!
  • You have all the time in the world to understand her better and to discover yourself. After all, the internet brides are called “brides” for a reason, so you’ll most likely build a long and serious relationship with your online date. That’s why it’s very important to understand your woman better before you meet her.
  • You’ll appreciate these rare moments and feel special. Nothing to say about it — the online relationship is a special thing, and you will definitely feel it.
  • LDR will help you to test your couple. We’re talking about the fact that LDR is never easy, and you will most likely be questioning your relationship — which is a disadvantage on one hand. But on the other hand, if your couple survives LDR, you can be sure that you’ll be able to go through all the difficulties together.


  • It’s quite expensive. Unfortunately, almost 100% of foreign brides services aren’t free, which means you will have to buy a premium membership or credits to chat with women.
  • You can feel lonely sometimes. That’s a fact — you can’t hug or kiss your girlfriend, even if you need it. It’s still not the same as real-life dating.
  • Some people have misunderstandings in LDR. However, it’s not a bad thing — remember what we’ve said about testing your couple?

Why do these women want to become mail order wives?

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Because of several reasons, and the most important reason sounds like this: almost all of them want to find a better life and a better man. If we’re talking about such countries as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia, it makes sense that the level of life is quite low there. If we’re talking about such countries as South Korea or Japan, it’s all about the American men — we don’t want to offend anyone here, of course, but the guys from the United States are nice, caring, and loving… unlike some Asian men. It’s simple as that, actually — despite there are still lots of gold diggers in the mail-bride industry, more than 90% of these ladies do only want to find love.

Asian women: how do they view relationships?

Why are Asians so popular? Is it true that girls from Asian countries view relationships as a business? The answers are here.

First, let’s talk about the girls. Have you heard about Asian beauty? Yeah, of course, that’s not the main reason why Asians are so popular among the guys from the United States, and yeah, of course, beauty isn’t the most important thing in the marriage. But still, the fact is, Asian girls look gorgeous and exotic — it doesn’t matter which country you choose, you still won’t be disappointed. And yes, beauty isn’t the only reason — thus, these women are also family-oriented and traditional, and they make great wives.

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And no, they don’t view relationships as business. As we’ve said, there are some gold-diggers in Asia. But the truth is: there are also some gold-diggers in Russia, Colombia, in the US, and in any other country. It’s not the “Asian only” problem. The absolute majority of ladies from this country are looking for a stable, caring, kind, and loving man, who will be a good husband and father. And yes, we said “stable” for a reason — of course, Asian women value men with successful careers (especially if we’re talking about the ladies from Japan and China). But is it bad? No. They just have high standards, that’s all.

How to attract women online: a short guide

You do not buy a bride online. You’ll have to attract her first. How to do it?

  • First, be a gentleman. That’s what many Asian men lack, and that’s what distinguishes you from the majority of men from Asia.
  • Respect her, her family, her country, and her traditions. There are lots of qualities that define an ideal man for an Asian woman, and the quality of being respectful is one of the most important ones.
  • Don’t talk about sex right away. You won’t get it on the first dates, that’s all you have to know, and if you talk about it, you will probably not get it at all. Be ready to wait.
  • Humor is important, but forget about sarcasm if you’re going to date an Asian. They usually don’t understand sarcastic jokes; what’s more, they might be offended by such jokes.

Mail order bride scams. How to avoid them?

Despite mail-bride scam is still a problem, it’s still quite easy to avoid it. Here’s how it works: a fraud tries to make you send him or her money; a fraud can use a fake account with a fake name and photo, or it can be a real gold-digger from Asia. To minimize the risk, always google the photo of the lady you’re going to communicate with (that’s how you’ll make sure that the profile is real), use video chat to see her, and use only reputable dating sites (they usually have an ID verification).

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Yes, international dating can be dangerous because of mail-bride scams. However, it’s quite easy to minimize the risk, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. Such dating is definitely worth it — Asian ladies are just great, they are very beautiful, and they make great wives/mothers. There are lots of good dating sites which will 100% help you find a woman — so the only thing you’ll have to do is find a decent service. Don’t waste your time and do it right now!

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